May 25, 2008

Normal Service Resumes

Ricky Ponting scores a 100. Michael Hussey and Andrew Symonds take a routine stroll past 50. English cricketers complained of missing heartbeats when they heard this.

Manchester United won. Ronaldo didn't do much in a big final. Drogba behaved himself.

The French Open has begun. In the Hamburg Masters last week, Rafael Nadal imposes his will on Roger Federer despite being 1-5 down in the first set and with barely a right leg to stand on. Tennis should have draws.


Harish Kumar said...

I'm not a big Ronaldo fan in the big matches. In fact, I'm ready to sell Ronaldo if Hargreaves continues to play as well as he is, provided he is less abrasive towards the referees. But, saying that Ronaldo didn't do much in the final is a big understatement. He scored and kept running Essien ragged through the first half.Ok - he missed the penalty but I sort of expected it. I think he did enough to not hurt his chances of winning the European and the World footballer of the year awards any damage!
And - West Indies are in a good position to win the first Test. So not everything is as normal as it should be!

J Ramanand said...

Well, I posted this earlier than it seems, and within a couple of hours, saw NZ and Eng go commit hara-kiri, Aus at 86/6. Then there was Sutil.

I now modify my statement to say that service is normal, but for all the good things in sport - riveting and unpredictable!

Anonymous said...

West Indies fall back into usual service. Screwed up a very good chance of winning...
Alas...only if Lara was there.