Oct 29, 2003

Everyone accuses Karan Johar of big budget extravaganzas where money is spent with no regard for the financial crises that are actually crippling Bollywood. But the guy has sense - by creating a template with reusable components (and this is something which everyone seems to have missed), he is actually achieving the same results at lesser cost.

Case in point is the picturisation of the song Aaja Mahive from Johar's latest production Kal Ho Na Ho: a quick development cycle was achieved by reusing the clothes from previous (what I have now started calling) makhna-fest Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, reusing the essence of the dance steps, reusing the aunties and grandmoms and reusing Shah Rukh Khan, the last three with the incomparable advantage of being able to remember what Johar wants of them in a Punjabbee song. Add the now-routine soni kudiis and jind-mahives and tussi-jassi-lassi lyrics, and boom! yuwer saang is ready saar.

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