Oct 29, 2003

Updated connecto-why man?-ia

Samrat sir wins the Full marks to you and JK tyres award by correctly deducing that the connection between Fawlty Towers and KKSBKBT is Basil and Tulsi - both comedies of different kinds. Kindly courier your stones in.

Gaurav: yes, who else do you expect to plagiarise these kinds of questions :-)
Anti : the Dravid-Superman connect had a temporal significance, it was during the time when Dravid was playing county cricket for Kent - the connection being exactly that: Clark Kent and ... And before you unsheath the knife, let me quickly mention that the afore-mentioned Gaurav Sabnis had the honour of making that one up.

Don't even ask what the Cage-Kaku connection was all about.

Incredibly awful connection that just sprang to mind: Connect Fawlty Towers and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thii (would've loved to ask this in a Boat Club quiz and then built my own rock castle from the resulting hailstorm - this is a new low, quite in the league of other BC lows like the infamous connect-Rahul-Dravid-and-Superman or the Kaku-Nicholas-Cage effort).

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