Oct 18, 2003

This blog has a RSS feed now

Been wanting to try this out for a while - I added this blog's very own RSS feed from the free service provided by BlogMatrix. The link to the RSS feed for this blog is http://feeds.blogmatrix.com/feeds/0845/084534.feed.rss (link is also available from the sidebar)

I don't need the feed myself :-), but if any of you using aggregators may want to add this to your list of feeds. This feed only publishes a one-line summary of the post (because it is a free version) - but it will tell you when new content is added. If a lot of you use feed-readers, then the hits to this page will go down because one wouldn't need to keep checking for changes, but I'm not perturbed by that :-). Since YACCS gives me an RSS feed for my comments, things are looking fine.

Update: Seems like the publishing to the rss file takes some time.

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