Oct 29, 2003

Tehzeeb Impressions - Part II

I knew this was going to happen. After my initial impressions, I now have started to like Khoyee Khoyee Ankhein and I Wanna Be Free, especially the opening riffs with the electronic voice. Which is what Harish was saying recently.

So why do we like songs on repeated hearings especially A.R.Rahman stuff? I think it is because of two reasons: one, some of these they-grow-on-me songs are really slow to grip, probably are a little unconventional at first but then strike a chord that people like me lacking in the music vocabulary cannot express in words. Another reason (especially these days) is that we're probably prepared to keep listening to Rahman songs even if they don't appeal at first. His track record and especially the "it-will-ultimately-grow-on-you" reputation stops one from chucking the album away on first hearing unlike other less known composers. Plus the right kind of hearing environment is necessary - I think one needs to take in modern songs with more-than-decent quality song files and good headphones.

Akshay has an old and pet theory which holds that any song good or bad can appeal to one's ears if you listen to it long enough. I don't quite agree, but I know what he's talking about. It applies not only to songs - think of all the irritating ads or downright ugly visuals one keeps going back to just to experience the tingle of annoyance; we must have some instincts towards masochism. But let me put on my fan's cap and say Tehzeeb is not so bad :-)

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