Feb 16, 2007

Mind what you say


Unknown said...

It will be great if Australia doesn't win the world cup, finally somebody else can win the World Cup. But all these injury problems should not reduce interest in World Cup Competition . Finally any winning team would like to defeat formidable Aussies team.In fact all injury problems in all the teams right now are great concern for game of cricket as it will really decrease the level of competition.Hope Australia still look formidable without their main players and wish they should lose in finals.
(Sorry about such comments ..sometimes it makes me feel same for aussies as I become Sampras and Federer hater ..even though they were great player.)Things become too one sided and predictable still some miracles happen like Krajiecek,Federer(in case of Sampras) and England (in case of Aussies).

Unknown said...

Hope Aussies should follow West Indies' path.