Feb 20, 2007

Watching 'Black Friday'


Santosh Kumar T K said...

couldnt share the same feeling about junta laughing at the wrong places more!!!

wonder if it's a deliberate attempt on Kashyap's part to lighten up things a little, or is it that we expect to be humored even in a supposedly grim fare like black friday..

you and i can never tell...



ksp said...

Not watched Black Friday (yet), but the phenomenon (of people laughing at the wrong times) probably can be ascribed to discomfort.

BTW, Nice blogs(!)


Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping by, Sree. Perhaps it could be 'discomfort'.

Anonymous said...

I quite admired the risk Kashyap took by making it documentary-style and doing it without a 'hero'. Reminds one of Scorsese, but IMO, much better than him or Ramgopal in not just looking at the underworld chappies.

Oh yes, the laughing-in-the-wrong-places-syndrome makes me wonder if these chaps even understand the basic premise of the movie - I saw copious quantities of giggling-and-laughing in, of all movies, Nishabd.

Sometimes, I worry that with audiences like these, the few intelligently made movies that there are these days will end up being commercial failures. One hopes not.


Unknown said...

shamanth: I also liked the appropriate use of the "chapter" format. Given the intricate strands happening simultaneously, this was a very good way of presenting the story.
As for audiences, well, every Dhoom-2 explodes the belief that audiences can reject vaporous drivel.