Jun 19, 2007

Silk and Steel


Shamanth said...

R, I wouldnt quite agree with that entire generation being called almost-golden - Gower and Botham were the ones who made a fairly nondescript team golden-ish. Others like Gatting, Gooch et al were far too staid to even deserve being bracketed with these guys. Their bowlers were distinctly un-memorable too.

The way the staidness and stiff-upper-lip-ness of Gooch and co killed Gower after his airplane ride was just tragic. I wish someone had taken out a procession or something demanding his restitution!:-).

PS - My biggest regret is that my first nickname was Gooch, because in gully-cricket matches I used to hold the bat the way he did.:-(. 'Tis tragic, being far too young to understand sporting-politics.

Unknown said...

> My biggest regret is that my first nickname was Gooch

Detective Goochwala! - I wish I knew this when you were here :-)

Point taken. I had intended the "almost-golden generation" tag in honour of their many achievements: 3 World Cup finals, Ashes won and reclaimed, consistently among the top 3 of the time, perhaps easily the 2nd best to the Windies given the Aussie regrouping. But "almost" because of never quite making it in the ODI scene.
Skill-wise, you would take Gooch, Gatting, and Willis despite being flair-less - sort of like watching the Italian/German footballers of the 90s.