Sep 28, 2007

Get in line - the madness continues

Get in line - the madness continues


roamingpanda said...

Whoa! You sure manage to write so much. Just a couple of days since my last visit and there is tons of stuff to read here. :)

Manish said...

Not only that, a UK based banker Pradeep Menon will be honouring Sreesanth with 3 Lakhs, for he has done Kerela proud.

A_N_Nanda said...

While I wrote a story "The Gung-ho Team" in my book "The Remix of Orchid" [foreword by Ruskin Bond], I set it in Andamans telling how a hockey team from the island could get The Bombay Gold Cup despite all odds. Only on 23-09-2007, The Tribune, Chandigarh while reviewing my book has compared the story with Chak-de!!(Oh, I'm flattered!!!) Why not The Andamans create a team to win a gold cup, just to vindicate the optimism shown in my fiction? They come all the way to the mainland to honour players in stead of grooming theirs own!

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