Sep 26, 2007

Pass the ball around

Pass the ball around


yogsma said...

well said Ramanand....Hope the day will come when Hockey will once again rule over cricket

Manish said...

I also believe State Governmenst had no business doling out Cash amounts, when cricketers had already earned $8 million, apart from their annual contract.

roamingpanda said...

I don't understand why we should give importance to cricket (and to sports in general). There were only 10 Indians actually playing on the field. The millions of others were passive observers of the game. It does not really benefit the observers since they are not involved in any physical exercise.

Plus they are wasting mental cycles thinking about the game, which could've been better spent at work...

Sports does not solve any of our real world problems - poverty, climate change, war, corruption, inefficiencies. Imagine if those wasted man-hours and dollars are invested in these issues instead..

I think the nation should discourage broadcasting and viewing of sports and instead encourage effective forms of physical exercises for the population at large... Why is Yoga or aerobics not as glorified as cricket. It would keep far more people healthier.

Anyways... wrote too much... Sorry about such a long comment.