Sep 11, 2007

Thumbs up for T20


Harish Kumar said...

There were some similarities with the 2003 WC of the longer (ODI- longer?!?! Damn) version. SA; the biggest bowling superstar of the tournament being sent back before the start; WI vs. SA; hundred by a West Indian. But that's where it ended and only because of the stupid stupid bowling attack.
So does that mean Dhoni lifts the cup this time?
Pollock said there isn't enough time to choke. So SA should do better. I think it is the same with India as well - too short to let a game slip away.

daemon said...

I am not too thrilled by Tendulkar's decision to opt out, given the great form he is in. Even considering his average form, he would have been devastating at T20 WC given that he is a naturally attacking player. And a very good one at that. Not having him and Ganguly, leaves India a lot thinner than it would otherwise had been. I think he would be ruing his decision in private.

Unknown said...

H: didn't see the chase, so was a little surprised to see SA got home in the no. of overs they did. The bowling and fielding must have sucked. The scary man behind the shades must be furious. Interesting comment of Pollock's.

D: True. All those dabs behind fine leg would have bore fruit. Still, fitness and throwing would have been an issue I suppose. Too precious to be risking all this.